Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just Takes 2

I can't believe I got talked into doing an online Mystery project!!  But Lori managed to find my weakness..."It has great quilting potential, we can work on it at the same time and best of all we can use our hand dyed scraps!"  How could I say no to that. :)
So here are my first 6 block and done on time too. The next set of instructions are going to be posted on Sunday.

The project is called "Just Takes 2" and instructions can be found on this blog post here at Sentimental Stitches. Once your on that page click on the link at the bottom of that post to upload the instructions for the first 6 blocks. They are free for the month of January so don't doddle.  For more info on this Mystery check out this link .  The instructions will be posted every two weeks and alternate between Sentimental Stitches and Dear Jane websites.

So do you want to join us in this Mystery project?
It has great quilting potential ;)


  1. Ooh, what lovely blocks - I'm so tempted, but with 2 wedding quilts, and 2 other mysteries on-going...... Can't wait to see how this turns out though!