Monday, February 20, 2012

Town Square

Here is Robin's Town Square quilt that she was working on at the last guild retreat.  I was over at her place a few weeks ago and she showed me all her quilts top that are ready to be quilted....all 17!!!  So she said I could pick which one I wanted to quilt for her next as she had her name on my February list.  Yet another example of how I have the 'bestest' clients in the world!  Yes I know 'bestest' is not a word but I'm using it anyway because they are better than best  ;P
  So I picked this one...I love brown and blue.

The blue outer border and the lighter print square have a print that reminds me of ripples from raindrops on water.  So I chose the "Curlz" panto as it has a swirly water feel.

I think picking out the fabric for your backings is just as important as the fabrics you chose for the tops. Here is a perfect example of a well chosen backing that just flows with the quilt top. When this quilt is on a bed and turned down when about to be used it will look so nice. I have made a few bad backing choices in the past that have really taken away from the quilt top so now I try my best to not buy the 'cheapest that will do' but the 'cheapest that looks the best.'  :)

 LOL... I just realized these are the colors of my website, no wonder I picked this quilt.  :)


  1. Really love the design and fabric of this quilt. Your choice of panto is perfect.

  2. I agree with your comments about the back.

  3. The quilt is really beautiful, and I love these fabrics too. I've made a couple of quilts using them (read: not quilted yet...)
    I think the backing is perfect for it too.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Some people aren't all that keen on awards so I hope you don't mind but I thought you were a worthy recipient

  5. I have to agree, I love a back that adds even more interest or matches well with the top and especially dislike when you see muslin or calico backs as we call them.

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland