Monday, September 2, 2013

Turning Twenty Quilt


This is Yvonne’s Turning Twenty quilt and she used a fabric collection from Connecting Threads.  We picked a simple panto design called Starlight , Grey So Fine Thread and Dream Blend batting.

yvonne2   yvonne4


We are enjoying the last few days of summer before the boys go back to school on Wednesday.  I noticed as I was taking pictures of Yvonne's quilt this morning that the geese are starting to head south and that means the leaves will be turn colors very soon.


Another summer is over, they always go to fast in our northern climate, but it was a wonderful summer filled with many days of relaxing on the dock and swimming in the lake.  This is my favourite pictures of Daniel this summer relaxing on the water.


Andrew didn’t spend that much time in the water this summer, he prefers to be watching the stockcar races and here is a picture of the boys this summer at the Red River Speedway near Winnipeg.   This is a dirt track so by the end of the evening your covered in a fine layer of track dust!



  1. Nice colors for the quilt! The quilting is beautiful. where did you get the panto pattern? Just lovely. Enjoyed your photos of the birds also.

  2. Celia - you can get the Starlight panto at Willow Leaf Studios.

  3. I love the colors of this quilt and the panto is a wonderful pattern! Great photos of the men in your life! :)