Friday, November 18, 2016

Chris Cross Quilt


Now before you tell me I spelled ‘Chris Cross’ wrong that is how they spell the name of the pattern, it is named after the designer!   This is Michele’s quilt and the pattern is from a free YouTube tutorial that you can find here.   I think the fabrics are Kansas Troubles and Michele requested the Maple Syrup pantograph.


I used a medium green So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


You can see the lake is still open but we won’t have too many more days like this as the lake should freeze soon!



  1. This quilt looks great! It's going to be a cozy quilt to cuddle under. I love the quilting you did.

  2. Your dock is still in the water. What do you do that the ice doesn't break it up over the winter?

    1. The damage doesn't usually happen until the spring melt when the ice starts moving. We are lucky we are located in a bay just off the main lake so we don't get the heavy winds that move the ice. We are more concerned about damage for next year as the water is quite high and touching the decking of the dock, it rarely does that.

  3. Lovely quilt. Right colours for this season!

  4. Looks great and I can imagine that pattern in so many other color ways.