Monday, November 14, 2016

Sugar Almonds Quilt


This is Iris’s Sugar Almonds quilt and the pattern is from a tutorial on Samelia’s Mum blog here.  She used a purple jelly roll for the center design and white fabric strips for the background.  Iris used a different method from the blog tutorial to make her quilt and I think I like how it has a more random looks.   I plan on making this quilt for a fundraiser for my son’s high school grad committee using black, red and white fabrics, the school colours.  It should make the perfect ‘dorm room’ sized quilt.


Since it has a modern feel I used Bayside for the pantograph, white So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


It was another calm day and beautiful sunrise this morning but the temperatures are suppose to plummet to –18’c by Thursday night so I imagine our lake will be freezing over soon!

nov 14

Last week I was interviewed by our local newspaper about my Nature and Northern Lights photography and the article was published on Friday.  My husband came home with the newspaper today so I could read the article.  They even added my picture to the cover which was very surprising but I think it was that amazing camera strap that I wear that was the reason!  LOL!  Here is a link to the article if you are interested in reading it.  They took a few pictures from my blog and was a full page spread!  I had a lot of anxiety about this article, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone but that’s good for me right?


(Stepping back into my comfort zone now!)


  1. Oh that's fab! Congratulations! Your photography really is beautiful.

  2. Congratulations. I always enjoy seeing your pictures.They are just stunning.

  3. Excellent article. Congrats. Your photos are truly amazing.

  4. Je hebt geweldig mooie foto's.
    De quilts die je quilt op de longarm, zijn ook geweldig.

  5. Great article. Because of your photography, both quilts and nature, your blog is my favorite.

  6. Wonderful article! Your photos and quilts are truly amazing and inspiring! Thanks for sharing your passions.

  7. Congrats on the article! That's so exciting! I love the quilting you did on that quilt. It really finishes it beautifully!

  8. How wonderful! It's a great article! I love keeping up with your quilting and your photos. The northern lights are on my bucket list. We never get to see them in the southern states, so I'm enjoying them with your photos!

  9. Oh YAY! Another purple quilt!
    I just love your photos and am so happy that you share with us. How fun being featured in your newspaper!

  10. VERY nice!!! Now they need to do an article about your amazing quilting!!!

  11. Congratulations You are a lady with many talents. I am happy others realize it as well. I love your blog