Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2005 Block of the Month


I’m getting back into my normal routine again after taking the month off!    This is Joan’s quilt and it was a Block of the Month project by a local quilt shop in 2005. I have quilted many of these and I’m sure there are many more still waiting to be quilted!  Joan added a pretty red sashing to her quilt and a navy backing.  I used the Rhapsody pantograph and a medium green So Fine thread on top and a matching green Bottom Line for the back.   I auditioned red thread but it really over powered the blocks and blended to much into the sashing. Using the green allowed your eye to follow the quilting across the quilt top without it disappearing in the sashing or standing out too much in the blocks.





  1. That's lovely. I'm going to have to broaden my thoughts on thread colour.

  2. pretty, you have the most perfect backdrop for your quilt photos!

  3. Medium green! That is thinking out of the box. I love the choice! It looks great on the quilt. I agree with Joy - I need to broaden my thoughts on thread color.

  4. Not usually a fan of the Block of the Month quilts. Have to say, I love this!! Especially the colonial colors. They look so pretty against the snow and trees!!

  5. I agree with all previous comments. Beautiful quilt, beautiful quilting, great idea for thread choice.