Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Watercolor Wings


This is Marg’s Watercolor Wings quilt and the pattern is by Pine Tree Country Quilts.   When you look at the whole quilt it looks like butterfly wings.  I love the soft colors in this quilt, very pretty!  I used the Curlz pantograph to add a swirly texture and used a soft green So Fine thread.  The batting is Quilters Dream blend.


We woke up to –35’c this morning with a –41’c wind-chill so I took pity on my son and drove him to where the school bus picks him up.  I have to laugh at our forecast, I really doubt we will see those warm temperatures next week.  Yes it will warm up but not that much, talk about getting our hopes up!



  1. Beautiful colors in that quilt! I know what your mean about the environment Canada weather forecasts - they're often hard to believe!

  2. That is a gorgeous quilt! Do I say this about every quilt you show us?? But they all ARE gorgeous. We had the exact same temperatures here this morning and now its blowing snow. I'm looking forward to next week!! We had plus 2 on our forecast a day or two ago.