Thursday, February 23, 2017

City Slicker #8


This is Yvonne’s City Slicker quilt and you can find the pattern here.  She used a Cantik Batik Gemfive called Nunavut for the focus fabric and a grey Grunge for the background.  She asked for swirly quilting and I chose the Allium pantograph for the quilting design.  I also used medium beige So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


The backing is an extra wide Stonehenge that matches the Nunavut bundle beautifully.


Sorry the blog as been a bit quiet lately.  My son came down with a bad flu last week then I caught it on the weekend.  Then we received some very sad news this Tuesday, my grandmother who lived in a nursing home in Winnipeg also came down with the flu. She became so weakened by it that they sent her to the hospital where she passed away the next day with my mom  by her side.   She was 94 and a wonderful person, she will be greatly missed.



  1. Sorry for your loss and all coming down with the flu.

  2. Hope you and your son are feeling better now. Condolences on your loss.

  3. So sorry about your Grandma. that how old my Gramma was when she passed 25 years ago. She had an incredible life. Think of all the changes in the world that your Grandma was witness to.
    beautiful quilt

  4. 94, that is a wonderful age, and to be in a hospital for just that short time, and for your own Mum to be there, all blessings .Grieve, remember the earlier times, and when you quilt, her memories will be right there with you.

  5. My gram was 94 also when she passed away. Like you, she is missed but lived a long happy life.

  6. My condolences, Kathy. It's still hard losing loved ones no matter how old they are, heh??