Sunday, February 5, 2017

Friendship Star Quilt


This quilt was made by my local quilt guild and our members made the Friendship Star blocks last year.  We pieced this quilt top together in Nov/Dec and then got a request from a local school for a quilt to raffle for their playground fundraiser.  This quilt seem to fit the request as it is colourful, cheery and a lap size.   


At our guild we teach a block every second month and we ask members to make two blocks, one is donated to the guild the second goes into a draw. For every 2 quilt block you bring back you get your name in the draw. Well this time a member who made blocks wrote the guilds name instead of hers and the guilds name was drawn so we ended up with all the blocks.


Once we knew this would be a candidate for the school raffle quilt we put a fun ‘chalkboard’ print fabric on the back.   I quilted it with the Popcorn pantograph and white So Fine thread.



  1. Bright and beautiful, twirly stars on a snowy icy background. Perfect for fund raising.

  2. It is so pretty and I love how you added those blocks out onto the boarder.

  3. all the colors. What size blocks were used? Love how they extend into the border.

  4. Those extra star blocks on the border are a gorgeous addition!

  5. Lovely idea for a donation so worthy of your efforts

  6. Lovely quilt. I also makes quilts for my kids schools and this is really inspiring. I would love to know the block size.