Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Queen and Her Court Quilt


This is Melanie’s The Queen and Her Court quilt and it is a pattern by A Wing and a Prayer Designs.  This is a King size quilt so I custom quilted the borders and did a pantograph in the center.  The pantograph is called Come Dance with Me and I used a medium brown So Fine thread for all the quilting.  The outer border was quilted with piano keys, I SID on the flange and the did a fun ‘Onions and Garlic” design on the inner pink border.


The quilting shows up beautifully on the beige Stonehenge backing.


So last night we has some aurora activity so I was out taking pictures. I had a ‘Ah Ha” moment with my frustration with the only street light in our neighbourhood that really interferes with my photography. I think I finally made peace with it last night when I changed my white balance settings and voila, the red light on the snow was defused to a tolerable level!  


I really like these shots with my snow art under the aurora!



  1. Your Snow Swoon pics with the Northern Lights are amazing, Kathy!!

  2. And Melanie's quilt is just as beautiful!

  3. Very pretty quilting! And I love the night sky. Did you stomp out a quilty pattern in the snow???

  4. Soooooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  5. How soothingly stunning the lights are over the snow Swoon! Very pretty quilt, great pattern choices!

  6. Utterly gorgeous. Thanks for the turning table info, our Grandson doing a science degree at Uni will be so happy to read that. Aurora on your snow quilt, what beauty.

  7. Beautiful quilting again Kathy, you're spoiling me for plain old simple quilting! Love seeing your Aurora pictures too!