Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gravity #3


This is Megan’s Gravity quilt and it is a pattern by Jaybird Designs. This is the third one I have quilted and you can see the other two here and here.  I have changed up the designs a bit in the center blocks, added more swirls but used a lot of the same design elements as before.  The big change this time is the background design. Megan sent me a picture from a blog called Schnig Schnag so I used her design as my inspiration.  Love how it turned out but a lot of ruler work!


I used a lot of rulers on this quilt and they were my QP Curved Templates and the QP Edge straight rulers.  I didn’t do any SID as all the seams are pressed open, I usually prefer to SID but this quilt pattern does not need it.


The batting is Quilters Dream Blend.


I made myself a template for marking the background design. I used a double blade Exacto knife and old x-ray film to create the template.  Then I used my Bohin chalk pencil to mark the corners of the design onto the fabric, not the whole design, just so I knew where to aim my ruler as I stitched it out.


I used Monopoly for the center quilting and two shades of grey for the background designs. I used #410 for the two darkest diamonds and #408 for the three lightest grey diamonds. The bobbin thread was a light grey Bottom Line for the whole back.


You may have noticed there is snow on the lake again!  We had 25cm of snow fall on the Easter Long weekend!  I took these pictures this morning while the snow was still hard and dry from the below zero temps last night. Should get up to +9’c today so it will be a wet sloppy mess soon enough!



  1. Absolutely stunning, Kathy! A case for great quilting makes a great quilt even better. The extra time it takes is worth the visual! I bow to you...

  2. Love it! Magic quilt design and your quilting is stunning, I wish I had a snowy backdrop for my quilt photography....I have wet green grass all year round.

  3. What a striking quilt and the photos on the snow are breathtaking! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this gem!

  4. I just finished this quilt top. I'm planning to quilt it on my domestic machine. I'm fairly new to quilting so it won't be like yours, but you've given me some great ideas on how to quilt the coloured sections. This is spectacular quilting!

  5. Holy wowzers, Kathy!!! Beautiful quilt!!

  6. Krásné deky!!!!..Kathy,zdravím Vás..

  7. Beautiful quilt, and Kathy, your quilting is just stellar!

  8. Such a beautiful quilting! I love your work!
    It's so funny for me to read that you are inspired by my quilting. Not so long ago and I look at your quilting for inspired me (and still!)!
    That is what I love to our world wide quilt community! We inspire each other. Is not that wonderful?!
    Best wishes from Switzerland

  9. I love the quilt itself, your Quilting really brings it to life! That is a lot of ruler work but well worth it looking at the result!!

    I too love the look of quilts against our snow, however I am ready for some green grass and leaves back on our trees!

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  11. Because of your beautiful quilting on this I bought the starter set of Westalee quilting rulers. I know you long armed this but they charge so much for long arm quilting in England it's only special quilts that will have someone long arm them. Hugs Patti cxx