Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New York Beauty Raffle Quilt


This quilt was made by the Manitoba Prairie Quilters,  a Quilt Guild in Winnipeg.   They made a beautiful New York Beauty style quilt with flowing hand appliqued feather leaves.  This will be their next raffle quilt at their 2018 Quilt Show.  The quilt was inspired by a photo of a quilt made by Kathy Martin called Rob’s Quilt, here is a link to the quilt.  Joan Dupuis-Neal, a MPQ member, created a foundation pattern using EQ7 and many members helped in making the blocks.  Joan assembled the blocks and then hand appliqued the feather leaves with help from Karen McConkey.


Since this is a raffle quilt I had to think of ways to keep the cost of quilting down but still quilt it in the way that will highlight the piecing and add texture.  One way that really saves time is to use only one thread across the top. I picked a 100wt Invisafil #217 which blending in beautifully with all the batik fabrics.   I also didn’t do any heavy background fill but instead added ‘ghost’ feather leaves around the applique as well as quilted free hand feather wreaths in the open areas.


I stitched in the ditch around all the New York Beauty circles and spikes and added a curved element to the center.  I alternated with two different designs in the background of the spikes for added interest.  I used The Quilted Pineapple Curved Templates in 4 different sizes, as well as the small QP Edge Ruler.  I used the QP BFF curved ruler to aid in SID around all the appliqued feather leaves.


I made a template of the feather applique shape and used a chalk pencil to mark the ‘ghost’ shapes flowing from the applique.


We had a visitor walk by our place on the lake the other night and he left his footprints in the snow.  Looks to be a medium sized black bear from the size of those claw prints!  And just the other night I was running around on the ice taking pictures of the northern lights!   Think I’ll stay closer to home now!


Good Luck to the MPQ’s on this great fundraiser!   I’ll be sure to buy tickets when I go to the Quilt Show next spring,  it really looks great on my bed!   :)


  1. This reminds me of a Ukrainian Easter Egg...

  2. I love this quilt and you did a great job with the quilting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Another great quilt with beautiful quilting!! I'll send you money, Kathy, and you can buy me some tickets! Do you know the ticket prices? Also, its about time for you to quilt one of your own quilts! Hint, hint!!

  4. Een prachtige quilt en zó mooi gequilt.
    Die beer was dichtbij, nu voorzichtig zijn,'s nachts.
    De foto's van het noorderlicht zijn ook prachtig.

  5. That is a gorgeous quilt with beautiful quilting. ~Jeanne

  6. I was born in Winnipeg and now live in the New York area, so this quilt is for me!!

  7. That is one gorgeous quilt! There's so much movement in it, especially with the feathers - love them!

  8. What a wonderful raffle gift! I'd love to win that! Super job quilting, thinking of keeping cost down, good for you.

  9. I am speechless! I love everything about this quilt - the pattern, the colours and your quilting is just incredible.

  10. What an absolutely beautiful quilt, and oh, your quilting was perfect! Hmmm, best to watch out for those bears! They are probably just as interested in watching out for you, too, but you don't want to surprise one! Be loud if you go out! XO

  11. It really is gorgeous and I love all the different designs that you used.