Thursday, November 23, 2017

I Believe in Snowmen


This is Sandra’s I Believe in Snowmen quilt by Bunny Hill Designs.  Sandra does beautiful Redwork and her hand stitches are lovely!   I had a lot of fun quilting this one with feathers, loops, snowflakes, swirls and cross hatching.   I used a new thread to me, Microquilter by Superior Threads, and it is a 100wt thread so is almost invisible stitching across the embroidery with the cross hatching.  I’m very happy with how it stitched, no thread breakage and worked well with Bottom Line on the back.


We don’t have a lot of snow left around here as we have had a warm spell, suppose to reach +8’c tomorrow so I’m sure there won’t be much snow left by the weekend.    But I did find a small spot with some snow left to take a few pictures.


Here are some close ups of the quilting and redwork blocks.




sd9 (2)


sd10 (2)

I have been told that Schist Lake has frozen over. I have really missed watching the lake freeze this year so I have been keeping on eye on the river each day to see when it will freeze over.  The strong current creates a lot of cool pressure ridges and I enjoyed listening to the sounds the ice was making.



  1. The work done by both you and Sandra is beautiful! Love this quilt.

  2. Gorgeous stitching and gorgeous quilting!

  3. Such a cute quilt. You always have a good eye for the quilting, too, Kathy. Thanks for the share about the Microquilter thread. I'll have to try that out. Those are quite intriguing ice pictures.

  4. Both the quilt top and the quilting are simply beautiful! Some lucky person will certainly cherish this gem for many years to come!

  5. That's a lovely quilt and I like the quilting designs that you did on it.
    The ice around the shore has really interesting texture - some looks almost paper thin.

  6. Beautiful quilt, design, stitchery, and your finish. And a photo shoot with snow, and a grand finish with ice near the shore.

  7. Lovely quilt and quilting - very cute. Wow to those ice crystals, I do enjoy seeing places I shall probably never visit. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Wow! I love the quilting on this quilt. Beautiful!!!!

  9. The quilt is adorable and the quilting is perfect!

  10. This is a lovely quilt, I so admire redwork...maybe someday! You had fun on it, looks superb.