Monday, November 27, 2017

Batik HST Quilt

This is Diane’s HST quilt and it is made with beautiful batik fabrics!  She said she started with a pattern and then changed it a bit and made the HST blocks larger (finished 7”).     I quilted it with the Deja Vu pantograph using light pink So Fine thread on top and blue Bottom Line on the back. 

She brought a beautiful blue wide backing from Up North Quilt Shop in International Falls , MN.  It is great having a quilt shop so close, it is only 30 minutes away, only down side is I have to cross the border to get there but I’m getting use to that!  The shop carries a large selection of Wide backings so I do not need to carry that many anymore and the owner, Missy and staff are so friendly!   So make sure you check out this quilt shop when you are in Northern Minnesota, you won’t be disappointed!

This weekend Tim and I went for a drive to see if the local lakes had froze yet.  Its been getting above freezing all week so most of the snow is gone but still cold enough at night to start making ice.  I was happy to see that there was ice on the lakes but Tim wouldn’t let me venture too far!   I was just near the shoreline on 4” of ice and was able to get a few picture, just wish the sun was out!  Hope to be able to access this area when the snow falls as it would be a perfect spot for quilt pictures! 



  1. I like these off center block placements, liking modern designs more all the time. Your pattern choice just dances across. Glad you found a frozen lake for the photo op! And now you are closer to quilt fabric shopping too.

  2. Very cool! That last picture looks like the quilt is floating on water!

  3. I'm wanting to make this a queen. Will this work if I use 7" squares and expand the design further out?