Monday, November 13, 2017

Viking Quilt Addition


Back in August I shared pictures of the Viking quilt I was working on for my sisters birthday.  If you might recall it had a blank block in the center for a special design and that is now complete!  Had to add a badass Viking Queen in the mix.    This pattern is called ‘Islendingadagurinn’  by George and Wendy Van der Walt from Fabriculous and they had mentioned to me after they released the pattern that they might design a female block.  So I pestered them all summer to design the lady Viking and after a few tries we ended up with this.  She had to look like she had meat on her bones and messy hair like the guys!  Love it!  Now to figure out how to quilt it.


This week we were busy adding cabinets to my quilting room.  I had posted this picture on IG last month asking which countertop do people like with the grey cabinets.  Most said the lighter ones but as you’ll see I don’t listen well!


I liked all of them but my gut said go with the dark and I’m happy I did as I love the contrast against the grey walls.  Tim also installed a florescent light over the cabinets as it will be my cutting station.

Lights off.


Lights on!  Nice an bright for working.


Finally found the right spot for my snow dyed piece and the counter top goes great with my smaller ironing pad. I just love the Lewis & Irene fabric I used for that, the collection is called ‘Threaded with Love”. 



  1. Great set up, and is that a power switch above the bench? A great idea, I think they are so unfriendly at floor level, And the grey, a good choice.

  2. Totally agree Nancy J Floor height is no good for babies and toddlers (too easy to get to) and oldies - too low

  3. It's looking great! Brilliant idea for that power switch to plug your iron into.

  4. Your room is coming together nicely. I wish you many happy hours there.

  5. What a great quilt!!! andyour room - so nice!

  6. Love the quilt! What size is each block?