Monday, December 18, 2017

Two Fabric Bargello


This is Lucinda’s Two Fabric Bargello and she made it at a class at Up North Quilt Shop.  The pattern is called “Two Fabric Bargello” and is designed by Susie Weaver.   Lucinda asked for light custom quilting and when I loaded the quilt on my machine I still had no idea how to quilt it.  My first though was to add one row of feathers to each side of the focus fabric shape and then do a background fill.  But once I quilted the feathers I knew that a background fill would take away from the texture of the feathers so I kept feathering rows, alternating their travel direction.


I used a teal coloured So Fine thread on the ombre fabric and charcoal So Fine on the focus fabric. Its hard to see the quilting on the focus fabric but I did straight lines with U Turns back and forth to fill that space.



I used Quilters Dream Blend batting.


I was so happy to see the sun shine yesterday afternoon and the wind had calmed down so I could get some outdoor pictures in the fresh snow.



I am now done my quilts for December. In the past I usually took all of December off but this year with the move I decided to keep working to catch up, which I did!  I also am taking a few weeks off in January as a good friend is coming to visit from Australia for two weeks so I’m very excited about that visit.   So I am now booking into late January and have February wide open so if you need a quilt done just email me to book a spot!   I don’t think I have ever had this empty of a booking list but that’s okay as I haven’t even starting advertising I am here yet!  Now I get to work on a few of my own projects and quilts for the next few week!



  1. Snow,.glorious snow. And from a distance the quilt looks like it has jewels sprinkled on the bargello, what fantastic quilting to finish a stunning quilt.

  2. Beautiful quilting. Beautiful photos. Enjoy your ME time!

  3. It has a calming affect, just like starring at the waves of the ocean. Love it!

  4. the beautiful feather quilting added to the effect of flowing color up and down!! Just Gorgeous!! you are very talented and a gift to the quilting world! take care and Merry Christmas from Iowa