Monday, January 15, 2018

Fadeaway Quilt


This is Kerri’s Fadeaway quilt and the pattern is by V&Co. She used solid ombre fabrics to get the fade effect from the top left to bottom right.  Very cool!  Since the blocks are 16” I used my largest scale panto, Fascination.  Thread is white So Fine and the batting is Quilters Dream blend.


I had Tim drive me around the neighbourhood and stopping when I thought it was a good spot for a photo shoot. Found this beautiful spot on our road with hay bales so stopped there first.


Then I had no trouble convincing him to stop at an old train station in the middle of a field and hold up the quilt there.  We then walked around to study the building and soon noticed a camera on it.  We waved and then went on our way!  I’m sure when the owners check their camera they will think we are crazy! “ What are they doing with that quilt”.   :)



  1. Love the very last picture. So much texture and color.

  2. Lots of snow at Emo , a barn, a huge bale of hay, a perfect day for your man to be out there in all his winter gear. beautiful fabric with dark to light, and a lovely large quilting design. " Hi, we are just taking photos of a quilt!! We are a good, and honest couple . Goodbye!!" Did it record sound as well as your photo,or was it a dummy camera?

  3. Love the quilt (the quilting is perfection!) and the landscape - that train station is a gem for photographing quilts!

  4. With the bale of hay, you got that attention of the farmer in me! Terrific quilt ... it photo;d so well!

    Then you had me laughing at the camera watching you at the train station. It may not be so hard to find out just who owns the building. Perhaps you can arrange for a hook or two installed, so you can hang your quilts for their photo ops! :)

  5. Great photoshoot session. Lovely quilt.

  6. Love it! Besides making beautiful quilts; your photography is amazing!

  7. What a fun photo shoot!!!! It is a beautiful quilt