Thursday, January 4, 2018

Scrappy City Slicker


I have been working on my Highway 10 Designs City Slicker quilt for a while now using my left over 2 1/2” batik strips from jelly rolls I didn’t use in projects.  The light background is also batik scraps and it was a great way to use up ends of yardage in my stash of fabrics I really liked.  I quilted it with Allium pantograph and used Quilters Dream Blend batting.



I went for a drive up to Clearwater Lake to take pictures  yesterday, it is about 40km drive on an icy gravel road so not something I can do all the time!  But it was nice to get some lake pictures with my quilt.   I also discovered an ice road across the lake so I think I’ll have to check that out this winter as it was plowed very wide and in great shape.  As you can see by that blue sky it is still very cold here, –37’c this morning! 


I finally got a chance to play with my Christmas present this week!


It is a photography backdrop stand and a set of lights!  I still have a lot to learn about using the lights but I have been having fun playing!  I think I need to have both lights on one side to show off the quilting texture and I do have the umbrellas to defuse the light a bit but I’ll figure it out this winter.  


I get a great straight on shot and the tungsten filter on the light give the photo true colour but..


..nothing beats outdoor lighting!



  1. Have fun with the photography. Outdoor shots are beautiful but not so much fun when we are in the brutal deep freeze zone. A plowed winter road on the lake is wonderful. I love batiks and love the richness it gives to quilts. This is a great design I must keep in mind for my batiks.

  2. Enjoy all your new adventures. I am sure you know I love the scrappy City Slicker:)

  3. What great use of leftover fabric! I know I have some strips sitting around my sewing room looking for a home. I loved your pics, as always.

  4. That is really cold!!! Love the quilt,and using scraps, such a good way to do the blocks.The lights, what a fab present.

  5. Loving that snow! I guess you get over it pretty quick though. Your new studio looks amazing!

  6. There is nothing scrappy looking about that quilt, really lovely. How can you go wrong with batiks?! And you're right, nothing like natural light. Where I am in BC, the temperature doesn't often drop too far but that also means I don't get much sunshine, so there is good/bad about anything. Great photo gift for you. And I love your exploration of your new home to find what makes you happy. Happy New Year, Kathy!

  7. Great entry as always! Regards

  8. Perfect present for you! That stand will come in handy. My husband and I are in Calgary for a quick trip and I saw a City Slicker quilt hanging in a local quilt shop made with bright colors! It looks good in all kinds of fabrics. I made a second one with an older Christmas line - Blitzen - and it was tough to part with it but I gave it to a good home as a Christmas gift.