Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Fabriculous Viking Quilt


You might remember this quilt that I started last year that was a gift for my sisters birthday!  Well her next birthday is coming up so I thought I better get cracking and finish it!   The pattern is called Fabriculous Viking and you can find the pattern here. Don’t these Vikings look fierce and cool!



I fused the applique pieced on the background using Steam a Seam Lite 2, my favorite fusible web.  I didn’t stitch them down as I like to quilt my applique pieces down once on the longarm when it is my own quilt.  Saves me a whole step and I love the look!  I used a light yellow MicroQuilter 100wt thread for the background and black and brown Bottom Line 60 wt thread for the applique pieces.  The batting is Quilters Dream Blend.


Now since I am friends with the pattern designers I made a special request for a lady Viking and George was awesome in coming up with this great block.   She is not in the original pattern so is a Tamarack Shack exclusive for now but you never know, they might make it available in the future.


But these two guys are in the pattern and I had a lot of fun quilting their beards, once I figured out how to quilt a beard!  I did a water meander for the background that was simple and quick!


I even have the binding on the quilt and ready to give my sister when she come to visit me at the end of April!  Only 11 months late but that’s okay, she will forgive me...right sis! :)



  1. What a fun quilt! Perfect quilting (as always!), the water design really enhances the Vikings!

  2. It's stunning. Lucky sister. :D

  3. Vikings never looked so good--and thank goodness you can't smell them!


  4. Cool! Very cool designs and the quilting looks perfect for Vikings.

  5. One of the coolest quilts I have ever seen in my life!

  6. Love it! I do remember when you started it; it's great to see it finished! Love how you quilted the hair and the beards!

  7. Wow ! I have never seen such a design, love the Vikings and love your quilting !