Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Autumn HST Quilt


My client made this stunning autumn coloured quilt and since it was king sized ask it to be quilted simply so it drapes nicely on her bed.  I really enjoyed her story of this quilt so asked if I could share it as I know many of you would be able to relate to it.   She started this quilt 11 years ago and like many of our projects they get put aside as life can be busy.  It started as a queen sized quilt project and she collected oranges, yellows and gold fabrics for a year then sewed them into Crazy 9 Patch blocks.  This is done by cutting 10” squares, layering 9 pieces, slicing 2 lines one direction and then 2 in another direction.  Then you resew the block using one piece from each fabric, very similar to a Magic Tile pattern. Also throw in two moves over that time frame and changing from a queen to king sized bed now she didn’t have enough blocks to complete the quilt!  She didn’t want to just add borders so the blocks sat a few more years while she figured out how she wanted to make it bigger.   The idea to turn then into HST blocks using 3 different background batiks in off-white and gold did the trick to make it bigger! Took a few more years to get it all together but now it is done and she has her first bed quilt! 

Here is a close up picture of the blocks so you can see the piecing. I really like how they look as HST blocks and the layout is very striking!


I used Fascination for the pantograph design, a gold/beige So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


So what is the longest you have worked on a project?  Is it done or still a work in progress?



  1. The blocks are packed away somewhere but I found a photo of the November 2007 BOM. So under that pile must be the others from the start of that year. so it is still waiting to be put together. Those autumn colours with the gold are beautiful, and what a wonderful story.This will be a quilt with memories.

  2. What a beauty! I love the warmth of the colours.

    My first quilt still isn't complete. Started when my daughter was about 6 and now she's 26 and still waiting! She did have a quilt with fabrics she had chosen the other year though - but that was by machine - the first was done by hand - I designed my medallion and made templates. Then I had to work out how to add borders to an odd sized middle! It's now single bed sized but needs something to make it zing a little more! I call it a million ways how not to make a quilt!

  3. Fabulous use of those blocks!! Beautiful quilt! I cut out the pieces for a king-size broken star as my millennial project, then put it away due to time constraints. I pulled it out 10 years later and made it for my guild's show.

  4. Great innovation to get a finish.