Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have been coveting this fabric collection called 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain since I first saw it this fall.  So when my client opened up this quilt top when she brought it to me, I gave out a squeal of delight ( in my head that is, I wouldn't want to alarm her!)   The backing is a beautiful red with a snowflake pattern so I was challenged again with red thread in the bobbin and white on the top.  I can't imagine using white on the back as it would have ruined the beautiful snowflake pattern.   There are a few quilters on the internet that insist on teaching people to quilt with the same colored threads on top and bottom so I just want to briefly stand on my soapbox and say don't be limited by what you are told.  The tension dial is put on your sewing machine for a reason so just try it!  

I hope these pictures put that myth to rest!

I used a new pantograph call Hollyberries by Lorien Quilting.


  1. I like that pattern a lot! I've been looking for a good holly leaf pattern.

  2. The backing is awesome. White thread would have definitely destroyed the snowflakes. Your client is so fortunate that you are not afraid to "play" with the tension until you get it right! A

  3. You did a marvelous job quilting! I'm making a runner with 12 Days right now so your point about the front and back fabrics is very timely for me ... thank you!!