Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Mystery

Here is a clients Mystery wall hanging project that she did in a Christmas theme.  I was waiting for the snow and then a sunny day before I took pictures of this one.  This was my first attempt at the Ribbon Candy design which is in the light border. I had to turn the quilt on the frame as I knew I wouldn't be able to do that one sideways on my first try.
Well I hit my quilting limit this month, the magic number 14.   That is 14 quilts finished before my wrists started to object to the amount of quilting I have been doing recently.  Tim said I should rest my hands this weekend so no quilting.   Resting is something I'm not very good at so I found a quilt top to piece...he didn't say I couldn't piece :)  I also did a lot of online shopping, lots of great deals.  If you like to shop at the Fat Quarter Shop today is the last day you can use this coupon code "blackfriday" and you get 20% off.  Just used it this morning!!
Today my wrists are much better and I have 3 more quilts to finish before my Dec break and then on to my own projects.

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  1. Great 'ribbon candy' Kathy! I have been practicing that one too and you just gave me a poke's just what I'm needing for my present quilt... but like you I will have to turn for the borders....

    Thanks Kathy

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland