Thursday, November 25, 2010

Garden Frills

Here is a fun little girls quilt made by yet another great quilter in the making.  Yup, another first quilt by someone who has caught the quilting bug and will soon learn it's addictive side effects!
I thought my new panto called Garden Frills really suited the fabrics in this quilt.  I really debated about buying this pantograph as I can do this design free hand.  Am I getting lazy?  Maybe.  Or maybe I just really like how evenly spaced pantographs look on a quilt.
Tonight we eat cake as my youngest son turned 11 today!  Tomorrow we eat cake as that is when his friends come over for a sleep-over party! 


  1. Your pantograph design really sets off this colorful quilt. It is like a breath of summer in winter. You always pick just the "right" design to compliment your clients' quilts. C

  2. I love the pantograph design....... who is the designer? I also love the modern colours, it really makes this easy quilt, look so complicated. Thank you for sharing!