Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back Home

Just before New Years we packed up and headed down to Winnipeg to visit family while the boys were still on xmas break.  I couldn't believe how warm and what little snow there was down south.   I grew up in Winnipeg and snow is rarely in shortage this time of year but the above zero temperatures were great.  We drove back on Saturday through freezing rain, snow, sunshine and then more snow!

Definitely no shortage of snow here while we were gone!
Today the boys shoveled the driveway and I decided to work on the rink.

Well that was until I started to walk on the ice and felt...

...slush under the snow!  I should have expected that.
With the amount of snow and warmer than normal temperatures we have been getting this is what happens.
I dug to remove some snow and see that the slush is about 3 inches thick.

Usually it is -20' to -25'c this time of year and today.....

I did manage to find some good ice on the rink but only a 10 foot square area so not enough for skating anymore.  Sigh!  We might be able to save it by flooding it once the temps get colder.

But for now there is still enough ice for taking quilt pictures.
Tomorrow the boys go back to school and I start quilting again for clients so I'll have some quilting pictures to post soon.


  1. Welcome home! There was pretty well snow almost everyday while you were away! Our beautiful winter wonderland!!! E

  2. How wonderful to live where you do! I live at the beach in NJ. I would love to visit this araea someday when I retire. I also snow dye and quilt. Enjoying reading your blog.