Friday, December 30, 2011

A Look Back at 2011

As I was going through my quilt photos from this past year I realized that I might have finally achieved that delicate and somewhat elusive balance of quilting for others while still finding time to quilt for myself.  My goal was to complete one quilting project a month and I managed 17 this year! So by my calculations....I again have more quilts than I know what to do with  :)   Good thing I gave away 5 quilts at Christmas now I have an excuse to make more in 2012.

Here is a 'year in review' of my quilting projects for 2011. 

January - Seasonal Banner
Hangs in my guest bedroom.

Now resides in my car after the sun fading incident!

Christmas gift for my brother in law and wife.

Christmas gift to sister-in-law and family.

March - Twister Table Runner
For my kitchen table. (don't seem to have a picture of it quilted but it is done)

Lives on the couch in Tim's train room!

April - Twister from Hand Dyed fabrics
For sale!

Gift for friends new baby.

It keeps getting moved around my house, no permanent spot yet.

July - Hopscotch
Christmas gift for my in-laws.

I made two of these for my Moms house. The boys use them when we visit.

Christmas gift for my other sister in law.

Shows up on my kitchen table once in awhile.

It has a special spot right where you see it in the photo :)

For my son Andrew.

Not sure who will get this one as I'm not ready to part with it!

Happy New Year!

 *edited on Jan 15 as I forgot 3 quilts!*


  1. what a great way to look back through 2011. Here's to a Happy Healthy New Year and keeping up w/finding the balance!

  2. Thanks for the Inspiration! I am striving for balance this year myself.

  3. Happy New Year, Kathy!! You had an awesome quilting year! Such beautiful quilting!!! Can't wait to see what you quilt in 2012.

  4. A great collection! Your "Seasons" quilt inspired me and I ordered the patterns shortly after you posted them. I got them out, hoping to make them this holiday but it wasn't to be.

  5. I just love how you put time into your photography...they look so, so good! Happy New Year Kathy!

  6. Kathy, your an inspiration to us gals that only accomplish one or two quilts a year! I like the creativity in your designs and look forward to seeing your 2012 collection! G

  7. Your year of quilts are beautiful, and your frozen landscape looks very peaceful, serene and a bit cold ;0)