Monday, April 23, 2012

Hand Dyed Fabrics at the Show

At our guilds Quilt Show this weekend I was able to set up a table with my hand dyed fabrics and Lori sent up her fabrics along with her dyed Bamboo scarves and Mandala's.   My husband Tim made us a few trees to hang our fabrics on.  Here is Lori's scarves and Mandala's on her tree.  Note the cute little owl that Lori felted to go on the tree.

You can see one of her Mandala's in this next picture.  She also made a few baby quilts with them and added fleece for backing.

Here is my half of the table. I pulled two of my quilts from the main display area as I had entered more than my fair share and we were short on space.  I think they worked well in our display as I had snow dyed the backing of my "Check out the Stars" quilt and the front was made with about 60% of my hand dyed fabrics.  I had also dyed the backing of my "Beach Batik Quilt" so it fit right in. I made a few feathered fleece throws as well.  

Here is my tree that Tim made for my Snow Dyed fabrics. He even made me a little Tamarack tree and a wood shack to put at the bottom of the tree :)

Lori and I were not expecting to sell that much as our goal was to just show what we have been up to but I am happy to report the sales went well :)  
I just did a post on our guild's blog about the show so if your interested in seeing those pictures you can check them out here.


  1. Love the little shack and tree and the bottom of your fabric tree.

  2. Hi Kathy, I have awarded you with a leibster award, which you can see on my blog. I am an admirer of all you do. I do hope you made some sales with that fabulous dyed fabric you made