Friday, April 27, 2012


See the chickens!  This is Dawn's quilt and she used fun chicken themed fabrics to make her quilt.  I think this is a variation on the Hunters Star pattern.

When I first saw this quilt I thought I would quilt feathers on it to go with the chicken and feather prints.  But after some thought I realized that feathers would just compete with the print on the fabrics and be too busy of a quilting design.  So freehand 3's and E's became the final choice.  Swirls always look great on any quilt!

 For the backing Dawn chose a cool chicken wire print fabric.


  1. Awesome choice!!! Love 3s and Es!!!! Haven't quilted them in a while, hmmm might have some good canisters coming up. :-)

  2. Another beauty! What interesting fabric choices...very pretty...and of course the quilting only enhances the quilt!