Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quilt Show Recovery Time

Look what I got to bring home from our guilds Quilt Show this weekend!  Yes that is our Bargello Raffle quilt that I have been blogging about for the past year.  I still can't believe I drew my sister's name as the winner....seriously what are the chances of that happening?  I bought her 10 tickets for her birthday present so "Happy Birthday Betty"!   I just had to borrow it to take a little nap as I was quite tired by the time I got home after 3 days of fun and shopping :)

I will share pictures of the show soon but thought I would start with what I bought.  Mami's Country Quilts is going to teach a workshop at our guild in the fall and we decided on Island Sunrise at the project.  I bought my pattern and fabrics with Michele's help. I asked her for navy, brown and purple and she did a fabulous job  picking the fabrics and I only substituted a few to get some of my favorite batiks in there :)
 We hope to have a date booked for the workshop by the next meeting so guild members can sign up for the class, decide on their colors and order their kits from Mami's.  

Then I bought these goodies at Prairie Chicks!  I had borrowed Scrap Basket Sensations from a friend to make my Twinkle quilt and thought I better just get my own as there were so many great patterns in that book that I want to make.  I also picked up her other book a Bali pop and super cute Cupcake fabric  fat quarter bundle.

 I think I'm ready for another where is that Bargello quilt?  :)


  1. I was expecting to see your toenails painted to match the quilt! (!

  2. Looks like you had a great time shopping... and your sister is a lucky girl too.

    I love your rag quilt on your far sofa too.....


  3. The quilt looks so great! Yummy stuff you brought home :-) Looking forward to see what your next Scrap-basket quilt will be :-) I'm making the Mocha Swirl, and the Kitchen sink, and hope to finish those when time slows down a bit. Got to prepare confirmation for my two youngest in May,so I'll be busy with that instead of sewing now. But after of May... I'll go live in my sewing room :-)

  4. Congrats to your sister!!! How cool!!!!! Nice purchases. :-)

  5. Lucky Betty, I'm sure you will love both of Kims books, they are very popular...hope you enjoyed your rest!

  6. What a great thing for your sister to win that quilt! Don't you just love buying a little something special at quilt shows . . . whether you need it or not ;). Hope you got a well deserved rest.