Monday, July 22, 2013

Shibori T-shirts


I have realized that I can’t dye in my new kitchen so Tim has offered to build me a dyeing area in our crawl space. We have a small area  in our crawl space where I can stand up in so that’s where it will go.  This may not sound great but I’m really excited to have my own space where I can make a mess and not worry about contaminating my kitchen.   We saved our old kitchen sink and counter top so he just need to do the plumbing and will add shelves under for storage of all my dye equipment.   So for now I can dye out on my deck for the summer and we should have this new space build for me by September.

I was dyeing a few T-shirts using the Shibori method and you can find my tutorial on this method here.  I used brighter colors this time and used 1/2tsp of dye in 1 cup of water to get the darker colors.  Here they are in the rinse bucket.


And here is the final results.  I used the same dyes just applied it in the opposite direction to make two completely different shirts.



  1. Very cute! And lucky girl to have a handy husband re-purposing your kitchen! Utilizing every available space in a useful way! Too cool!