Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still Waiting….

So its been a week since my last post and I still don’t have a new kitchen.    Last Wednesday the new cabinets were suppose to arrive and the install started but I heard nothing all day Wednesday and Thursday. I spent that whole week waiting for a phone calls….. Sigh!  Finally got a hold of our contractor Friday and he said the cabinets didn’t make it on the last truck up so it would be in that day…thanks for letting me know! Why do trades people never think you might appreciate a call so you know what is going on.  Anyway on Friday I decided to call the furniture company and get my new appliances delivered so I had something new to look at.  They came within an hour of my call, I love good service!  So that made my day and then around 3:30 that afternoon my cabinets and countertop arrived so were put in our garage.  Today they are still in garage and I was told they can’t install until Wednesday so tomorrow is suppose to be the day, I’m not holding my breath.  I don’t mind living without the cabinets as I have my new fridge and stove and can wash dishes out on the deck, it’s the not knowing and all the waiting that is driving me a bit crazy as I can’t plan on doing anything.  So that has been my week and I hope by the weekend I have a kitchen again and can share some pictures with you.  Fingers crossed they do come tomorrow.

Anyway I can’t have a post without a pictures so her is my little birds nest a few days ago. One egg has hatched but the other one still hasn’t so I don’t think it will.  The baby had more downy feathers now and I hope to get a good picture of it soon, it just looks like a blob in this picture.



  1. Kathy: Oh goodness! Waiting for cupboards and tradespeople that never come. Good for you for calling up and receiving your new appliances!
    How did you get the photo of the baby robin?

  2. OH, Kathy ... don't let them keep pushing you around. This is one instance where you need to be the squeaky wheel! Call first thing tomorrow and ask what time they will arrive to install. Then call when they are supposed to arrive. If they don't give you a time, call every four hours. They'll get there, believe me! BTDT


  3. Oh wow.....it is so hard to live without that kitchen. You are very nice about the whole thing, as I would have been calling everyday. Hope it goes in nice and smooth today!

  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your cabinets get installed TODAY!!! At least you have your new appliances to admire in the meantime. Hang in there... this will soon be over and you'll have your new kitchen.

  5. my contractor is also my husband so i know what is going on but that is a whole new set of problems,,,hoping for your kitchen soon

  6. I'm with Sam Kathy! I'd be on the phone on a regular basis trying to get their attention. Hope they arrived today! Can't wait to see the after pictures!
    Love the bird's nest pictures!