Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kitchen Reno Finally Done!


I am so excited to say that our kitchen reno is now completely finished!  Remember my last post on the kitchen here, the ceiling still needed to be repaired from the skylight removal, new lights needed to be installed and I had not decided on the backsplash tiles yet.   Well here is the finally kitchen, we just finished grouting the backsplash tiles today!  Feels so good to be done this job!


I turned on the lighting we installed above and below the upper cabinets so show you the glow they create. I love turning those on a night for a soft light.  The ceiling never got textured to match the rest of the ceiling as the only guy in town that can do this job lost his drivers license so he couldn’t come out here to do the job!  So Tim just plastered it over flat and I can live with that, you can only notice it in certain light like in this picture below.

reno2 reno3

Love my new backsplash tiles. I decided to go with 2 x 4 mini subway tile and it really finished off the room.  Now I need to find a few bright coloured accessories to add a pop of color which I feel like it.


I also am happy to share that our second pattern Pedal to the Metal is now in a paper version and came be purchased at our Etsy Shop here.



  1. lovely kitchen - mine needs a redo badly!

  2. Beautiful! I love the white cabinets. Someday my kitchen will have white cabinets, I hope!

  3. Excellent! Your kitchen is gorgeous and I love the mini subway tiles! I need to do something about the counter tops & back splash in my kitchen and have been considering those tiles... now I know that is exactly what I want!

    Happy cooking in your new kitchen!

  4. Kitchen renovation looks gorgeous. I agree with you on the backsplash!! Perfection!!!

  5. gorgeous reno Kathy! great choice on the subway tile; it looks neat and doesn't distract from the countertop and cabinets. Pops of color will add pizzazz!! And you can always paint texture on your ceiling. I used a product that goes on with a paint roller and it worked like a charm! Congrats on the pattern!

  6. Kitchen looks fantastic!! So clean and fresh feeling and congrats on your 2nd pattern release!! Very exciting!

  7. Kathy: What a beautiful kitchen. Wow! Awesome work. The plastering your hubby did on the ceiling fits right in and looks like it was part of the plan.

  8. What a Beautiful Kitchen!!! I am so jealous. You must be so Happy :-)