Friday, November 22, 2013

Lone Star Quilt


This is Evelyn’s Lone Star quilt that she made at a class at our local quilt shop about 18 years ago!  I love quilting UFO’s this old as it is so satisfying to finished a project for a client and have them finally able to use it!  She asked for light custom so I did CC’s in the diamond shapes and free flowing feathers in the background.

evelyn2 evelyn3

I dyed the backing for her and it turned out pretty close to the blue on the top but my recipe for the sample I was trying to recreate was a bit vague as I wrote “ a pinch of yellow”….glad I write better notes now! :)


I took these pictures on Monday as it started to snow and it snowed and snowed!  By Tuesday night was had about 25 cm of snow!  I’m a bit worried about the condition of the ice this year as it had only just froze over and with all this snow on thin ice it will make it slushy.  Yesterday I went down to re-shovel this little ice path near the shore and it had 2 inches of slush on it under the snow!  Hope that as just from the water seeping in from the shoreline.   The last two morning we have had –30’ temperatures so maybe that will help keep the slush away!


I’ve have really enjoyed reading all the comments on my Blogathon post about your reaction to walking on lake ice. It seems to be a 50/50 split on whether I could get you out there or not.    I was surprised to hear a few of you have fallen through so completely understand your aversion to going out on the ice again.   We do ice fish but more in Feb and March when the ice is really thick and the temperatures are warmer.  He is a few pictures of use out on the ice drilling holes for fishing, notice the depth of the hockey stick my husband is using to test the thickness of the ice!  If the ice was any thicker the auger would not have made it all the way through.


  We make a hockey rink every year for the boys and put up lights as it is dark by 5pm in the winter.  I love being out on the ice at night, the wind is usually calm and all you hear is the the sound of the boys skating and the ice cracking amongst all the silence.


I have been busy quilting this week so have lots of pictures to share soon!


  1. That quilt stopped me in my tracks! The blue is sooo very pretty!

    Have fun on the hockey rink;)

  2. Wow. Another gorgeous quilt with gorgeous quilting.

  3. Beautiful work, Kathy. Love the photos of the boys on the ice. Yes, it does get dark so early! As a child, after school I would ride my horse around the barn yard where the yard light was. It was really the only outdoor light we had at that time. It's a wonder my horse didn't get dizzy going around, and around, and around that yard light! Lol! It felt so good to be outside!

  4. I think my son might want you to adopt him so he could have his own rink like that! :)

  5. I envy your hockey rink! Apparently the municipal rinks here are starting to be flooded, though.

  6. Beautiful finish to that amazing Lone Star quilt.

    Oh, you do make the most of the weather, don't you! First, using the ice as a quilt photo backdrop (which is always so amazing) and then by having a rink for your family to enjoy. I remember having a rink on our slough every winter. Many a happy hour was spent skating and playing hockey.

  7. I would come and skate with you on the lake. When we had colder weather years ago, my kids and I would skate on the creek here in our Town. The Parks and Rec would plow it for us. The last 15 years or so we haven't seen anyone skating or playing hockey. Too bad our weather has changed so much. Nothing like skating outdoors.

  8. Now that looks like fun!! I wish the ice on our river got thicker!

  9. Love the lone star quilt.
    Your home is poetic! I don't know if I could survive the cold but it's great to be able to get a glimpse of your life through your beautiful pictures!

  10. It is amazing to me what these newer long-arm machines can do. When I was long-arming (back in the mid to late 1990's all we had was self-guided pantographs. Your work, as well as the Lone Star quilt, is absolutely beautiful!!! I quilted several "collections" of old (some back to the 1930's) quilts, found in old trunks, etc., for people. One lady had 23 tops!! I sure miss those good old days!

  11. The lone star quilt is beautiful! I hope your customer still loves it after so much time. It is a classic design though and her colours are gorgeous so I'm sure she will. I LOVE seeing the photos of where you live. So different to my home here in Australia where currently everything is going yellow and baked and crunchy looking. We had 33C today! I can't imagine your -30C! Probably vice versa?