Friday, February 7, 2014

Throw Fabric from the Train!


As my title indicates this quilt as a bit of a story I want to share but first lets get to the quilt details.  This is Sandra’s baby quilt and she used the Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern.  Too make this a cozy baby quilt it has Dream Puff batting and a Minkie backing.   The panto design is Flirtatious.

sandra2 sandra3 sandra4

So one of the challenges of living here is getting fabric as we do not have a local fabric shop.   Most of us shop online or buy fabric when we go out of town.   But I had a good laugh when I heard how Sandra received her order of Minkie backing from a quilt shop that is 400km south of our little town.    I guess the order was talking longer to arrive at the shop than the owner hoped so she felt bad it took so long.  So once the Minkie arrived in her shop she wanted to get it to Sandra right away.   I imagine she knows the train engineer on the line that runs up to Flin Flon so asked him to take it up to her that day.  You think that would be fairly simple, to pick up fabric at a train station….but Flin Flon doesn’t have a train station, the train goes straight into the mining company yards which the general public is not allowed in.   So the engineer said he would meet her at the only train crossing in town at a scheduled time but Sandra couldn’t meet the train at that time.    Luckily Sandra has a daughter that was free to meet the train.     So imagine if you will the train is approaching the crossing and her daughter, who by the way is very pregnant, is waiting by the crossing feeling pretty silly as all the cars that have stopped are now watching her chase a train that doesn’t stop but slows down to drop the package out the window!   I wish I had a picture of this.   The things we do…or make family do for our fabric addiction!

So now this has me wondering….is anyone willing to share the strangest thing they have done, or asked someone do to get fabric?



  1. What a beautiful quilt. I think that the Yellow Brick road is such a versatile pattern. It is one that you can insert other blocks that you have in your stash or ones that you have embroidered or any number of other things. I don't think that I have ever done anything to crazy for fabric except travel long distances just to shop.

  2. Gorgeous quilt and wonderful story! Makes me chuckle imagining that scene. That is one loving daughter willing to go to such lengths to help her mom. :o)

  3. I've never done crazy stuff for fabric but years ago my husband ordered a pair of adult osh-kosh overalls (for ME!!) to be shipped to his brother's parent-in-laws' house in Pennsylvania. (Osh Kosh didn't ship to Canada at the time. Don't know about now though) They brought the overalls with them to North Vancouver three months later when they visited. By the time they actually arrived I had nearly forgotten them!

  4. How hilarious!!! Really terrific mental image. lol!!

  5. The colors in this quilt are quite yummy!
    Cute story! I haven't done anything so fun as that.

  6. That is too funny! Definitely would have loved a picture!

  7. Great story... so funny. Love the colours.

  8. Kathy: Awesome panto! Really makes the quilt come alive. And wonderful story. That
    is one woman who loves her fabric... and a daughter who loves her Mama to go get
    fabric thrown off of the train :) I don't have any fantastic fabric stories like the fabric
    off of the train story. Closest thing I have is giving my hubby fabric colours and say,
    "Pick up some fabrics like this when you are in Winnipeg". The clerks at Marshall's
    all think it is my hubby who quilts and always ask to see his quilts when he is into
    the store :)