Monday, February 24, 2014

Star Fling

This is one of our guild comfort quilt and the pattern is called Star Fling. * Unfortunately this pattern is no longer available for purchase or free online as it was in the past.*  We asked our members to make a block using a light beige background and a bright fabric for the stars.  It turned out great and I would highly recommend this pattern to any guild as it is very forgiving as the star points don’t reach the edge of the block.  So if you need to do a little trimming to get all the blocks the same size your not going to cut off any points! 

I used the Curlz panto, light beige So Fine thread and the guild gave me Hobbs batting.  The backing is a bright blue flannel so I will make a great comfort quilt for someone in need.

g3 g4
Still getting cold temperatures up here,  lows of –30’c at night and highs only reaching –18’c  if were lucky.   BRRR!



  1. I love those bright colors - really wake you up :) thanks for sharing the pattern - I can see this one getting some use for me and my scraps!

  2. That looks super. I always love looking at the quilts you are working on but I so enjoy the scenery too! I cant imagine living is such extreme cold.It seems you have snow for 5/6 months.
    we're sweltering through the end of summer here.

  3. that will be a wonderful quilt for someone! I'm going to check out the pattern.

  4. I love all the colors. I just printed the instructions.

  5. Beautiful quilt. I'm going to pick up that pattern and give it a whirl. It would be great made smaller for baby quilts. It's been a cold, cold winter everywhere in Canada. I feel for you further north. It has been worse than bitter!

  6. Love the colors,
    Love the short points
    Love the quilting.
    Thank you for sharing

  7. Just LOVE those bright, happy colors!! Quilts involving many people are often so difficult so the ones that make allowances for trimming are FANTASTIC! This looks like a good one!

  8. Wow, perfect panto pattern for the quilt. Makes me want to sew the quilt just to use that panto.
    So sorry about your crushing cold weather this winter. Wish I could send you some warm air from down here in AZ. I've had my doors open daily for weeks and now a much needed rain is coming soon. Hope it makes it as it's been dry here forever.

  9. What a fun and happy quilt Kathy!! Beautiful panto work.

  10. where is the pattern. I have a beginner who it would be perfect for.