Friday, February 28, 2014



So what do you do with those leftover pieces from a quilt you just finished?  Pitch them like me or save them and be inspired to make a new quilt like Robin!   This quilt is made with the leftover strip set ends from when Robin made our Pedal to the Metal quilt that we used on our pattern cover.   Now you don’t end up with enough ends to make a whole quilt, only 28 – 5”pieces, but that was enough to get Robin thinking of making another quilt.  She purchased more fabric and pieced more strip sets to make this quilt.  She brought her end pieces to a guild meeting this summer and we played with different block layouts and helped her come up with this design.  It is 4 strip set ends pin-wheeled around a center square. It has an organized random look!


I used the panto Joust, a greenish beige So Fine Thread and Robin brought Hobbs batting.

r2 r3

I has been pretty windy this week and I had to abandon the idea of getting pictures of her quilt on Wednesday as this was all I could get!  Thursday was more successful and calmer day!   As I type this it is –32’c with a –45’c windchill this Friday morning!!


This was the original quilt that Robin made that we used on our pattern cover.



  1. please don't pitch your scraps - pass them on to another quilter :) there are a lot of us that like to make quilts from scraps!!

    1. Don't worry Karen, I don't pitch the scraps, just the pieced leftover bits! I'm pretty good at bringing bags of scraps I don't want to our guild meetings and they disappear pretty quickly!

    2. Good! I just about fainted when I read that you pitched the scraps.

  2. I LOVE paper piecing… so I'm all about the scrappy bits! :)