Friday, June 27, 2014

Glitzy Windows Quilt


This is Yvonne’s quilt and the pattern is called Glitzy Windows from Pine Tree Country Quilts.  It was purchased as a kit ( found here) from Cindy-Rella’s in Regina, SK.    The material is Stonehenge  White Christmas, that comes in silver and gold by Northcott. 


I used a new pantograph called Snow Winds, it was a very large scale design which is great for keeping the quilting light as the backing is a white Minkie.  


The quilt is made with half gold and half silver fabrics so what do you use for thread?  I choose a Superior Threads Highlights #795 which has a metallic shine.  It looks really nice on both colors in the quilt and I like to use this thread color when quilting quilts that have a lot of metallics in the fabrics.


I took pictures of Yvonne’s quilt at two different times of day and I wanted to show you the difference this can make when taking quilt pictures.

This one was taken at 9am when the sun is lower so you get a nice shadow on the quilting, but you don’t see the piecing  very well.


This picture was taken at 1pm when the sun is shining over top of the quilt so you don’t get a lot of shadows making it harder to see the quilting and the fabric colors are washed out a bit.    But I get those pretty sparkles in the water at this time of day!  :)

yvonne6 yvonne7


  1. Hi Kathy, this came out beautiful!!

  2. Love the soft colors! Very nice!

  3. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous, as are ALL the quilts you share on your blog. (Can you tell that I enjoy your blog A LOT)? The quilting on this piece looks absolutely perfect. It appears that there are some very talented quilters in northern Manitoba.

  4. Love the texture! The stitching motif is so you said, open and airy!!! A beautiful finish!!!

  5. What a beautiful, sparkly quilt!

  6. It really is pretty and I love that panto.