Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yellow Turning Twenty

This is Jo-Ann’s Turning Twenty quilt and she used a great variety of yellow and floral prints, mostly sunflowers.  I used the Come Dance with Me panto, yellow So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.
She had a fun sunflower print for the backing too.
You may have noticed I have a new display area for my quilting.  I noticed three wooden posts laying behind our garage and I asked my husband what his plan was for them, he had no plan.  So he built me a very short fence along our property line so I could use it to display quilts!  My neighbours probably think we are very strange as it definitely won’t keep anything in or out!  But that’s okay because I love it!
Speaking of yard projects, last week I said to Tim “ we should really get rid of that old stump, it would make the front yard look so much better”. Well my husband is a handy motivated man and next thing I knew he was out there digging and working on the new ‘stump removal project”. The stump as much larger than I first realized!
After a few days of digging and sawing, we couldn’t use a chain saw as there were many large boulders under the roots, Tim finally got it out.  My first thought was “Yup, that definitely makes the yard look better”  LOL!
We managed to get it into our utility trailer using a comealong and some chains, so it is now gone!   The hole is filled in and the yard looks much better!   Now I’m eyeing another stump…much smaller but I don’t think I’ll say anything for a few more weeks!  :)


  1. It's always good to give the guys a digging/sawing project! Keeps them out of trouble.

  2. That made me laugh, now will you have to plant new grass or does nature just take over?

  3. Meglio dire ai mariti una cosa per volta...faccio anch'io così....!

    Belle tutte le trapunte che ci fai vedere!!!!

  4. Cute quilt!
    I guess we'll have to do the same thing over here when we are finished tearing apart some of the rooms in our house. There are several roots out on our lawn, and one of them is so huge!