Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Four Patch Charm Quilt #1


I was really excited to be given this quilt to quilt as it was made with my Four Patch Charm Tutorial which you can find here.    This quilt belongs to Wendy and she did a great job picking bright coloured batiks fabric for this project, they are not a collection.   At first she mentioned she would love to have it quilted exactly like I did mine, which I have no problem doing, but she brought a Minkie backing.   I don’t like to quilt heavily with Minkie as it looks like a hot mess on the back!  Once I explained that to her she understood and them mentioned she planned on making another one so will bring a cotton backing for the next one so it can be custom quilted.  Great solution! 


Wendy said this one will be for her couch so I suggested Quilters Dream Puff batting to keep it cozy and not add any more weight to the quilt as the Minkie is heavy.  She loved the Deja Vu panto that she saw on one of my quilts so that was the one for this quilt.  I used off white So Fine thread top and off white Bottom Line on the backing.



The leave have turned yellow quite quickly and are falling fast.  Autumn is such a short season here.



  1. Beautiful job, Kathy. Great advice you gave your customer on the quilting design - looking forward to seeing her next one and your custom quilting on it! Fall colours are beautiful!

  2. Lovely panto, this is such a great quilt design. Our autumn is just barely beginning. Great photo with the leaves reflected in the house windows! Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  3. This is a lovely quilt but I can't believe that a year has gone by since I started following you and watching the seasons as well as the quilting!

  4. It's such a pretty quilt and I do like your choice of panto for it. Fall is such a pretty time of the year. Our leaves were spectacular this weekend past and it's sad that they will soon be gone.

  5. Kathy, you have really convinced me never to buy Minke for backings. They may be cozy but I don't want to put my long arm quilter through the hassles of using this fabric.

  6. Gorgeous quilt and quilting. Ill have to take a look at your tutorial. And in regards to the minkee, twice now, I have bought it and it couldn't be used because it was too dark for the quilt top. It was pulling through and you could see bits of blue on the white cotton on the front. I love the feel for sure, but you really need to find the right colour. Have a great day!

  7. Beautiful quilt and quilting! I'm not too fond of quilting minkee--can't understand why anyone would want to mess with it's softness!

  8. I like all the colors in this one and the panto works really well.