Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Round Robins Revealed


Last September I started a Round Robin with Lori, Desley and Bronwyn.  It was a year long project and I can now share the results with you as all the tops are done.     I worked on Lori’s for the last round and added a colourful piano key border using our hand dyed fabrics.    I really wanted the piecing and applique in her quilt to pop and by not adding white to the outer border I think that worked.   I arranged the colors so they spread from the corners.


Now here are the other Round Robin tops.

This is Bronwyn’s Round Robin that Desley worked on for the last round.   Desley added the four patch diamonds, red print fabric border and then repeated the four patch design again.

Bronwyns RR

This is Desley’s Round Robin top that Bronwyn worked on for the last round.

Bronwyn repeated the three strip border design, added the pieced ‘Delectable Mountains’ style design and then repeated the three strip border again.

Desleys RR

This is my Round Robin top that Lori worked on this round.

Lori added the dark blue outer border with the blue triangular designs.    I really like how it turned out and now have to start thinking about how to quilt it!

Kathy's RR

And here is Lori’s Round Robin block again.  It always amazes me how they all turn out so different and if you ever have the opportunity to join in a Round Robin I would highly recommend it.   Our guild is starting one this month so I hope our  members have their blocks ready for next weeks meeting.

Lori's RR

Now lets see who gets theirs quilted first! 


  1. They are all so beautiful! Impossible to choose a favourite!

  2. Beautiful works altogether! And a fun way of working, certainly makes you think out of the box :)

  3. Wonderful pieces of work! Being a brights and hand dyed person, I of course, was blow away by the first quilt, though I really like the others as well. I'm aways afraid to do round robins because I am so picky about my own piecing and color placement. If I could be guaranteed beautiful work like these, I'd jump at the chance.

  4. They are all so nice! That rainbow piano key border is especially fantastic!

  5. Wonderfully! Especially the first one. It seems to me the central block - a block by Judy Martin. I saw it in her book. Wow!

  6. Oh wow! You had me with the 1st picture of the rainbow one. I really love it and though all of them are truly great, I wish I could steal that one for myself.

  7. Wow! I really love watching Round Robin quilts evolve. Love so much what you did with the rainbow border. Love the woven-diamond affect somebody put in on yours!