Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mahjongg #5


This is Myrna’s Mahjongg quilt that she made at our guilds Beginner workshop this summer.   One of our guild members donated these fabrics to the guild so we could make a kit for our class with them and when she saw the top finished she was in fun kicking herself for giving that fabric away!   I’m sure we have all done that, not seen the potential in some fabric so we give it away and then love the final quilt that is made with it!   But knowing the fabric was made into a quilt and will be used and loved makes it all worth it as I have done this a few times myself!



The pantographs used is called Plush, the batting is Quilters Dream Puff, thread is white So Fine and the backing is a white Minkie with a raised star design.


This week I also finished a fun flannel quilt for Donna and she said this will be a quilt for her grandkids when they go camping with them in their trailer in the summers.    I love how she used a simple nine patch block and highlighted the fun scrappy flannels with solid flannels.


Quilters Dream Blend batting, the panto is called Fascination and the thread is a blue So Fine.



  1. Both are beautiful - the Mahjongg pattern is on my to-do list :)

  2. Here at the guild meeting. Love the quilts!

  3. A lovely quilt the Mahjongg, love the colours and the quilting, as ever, is great!