Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lunar Eclipse!

lunar eclipse

There was a wonderful sight in the sky tonight that won’t happen again until 2033.  It was a twin event of a total Lunar Eclipse and a Super Moon (which is when the moon is closest to the earth when full).   I have been trying to learn all I can about taking pictures of the moon and northern lights and I think I have the basics covered…but sometimes it is a lot of guessing still!     I was really happy with this picture which was taken just before it became a total eclipse.

I thought I might not get to see it as we had a thunder/wind storm blow through and knock out power for 2  1/2 hours tonight. But the sky cleared and I was able to run out with my camera and get a few shots.  Here is one that I took when it began and I wanted to capture the reflection of the light on the lake.



  1. Fabulous pictures. Our camera did not capture the eclipse's beauty as yours did, but we thoroughly enjoyed the event. We had strong winds and dark cloud early in the evening but no rain which cleared for perfect viewing conditions.

  2. Wonderful! We are covered in clouds...happy to see your amazing photos.

  3. Wonderful pictures! Thank you!
    Greetings, Rike

  4. Wasn't it fun seeing this eclipse. We had a wonderful clear view here in NH. Thanks for the pictures.

  5. Great shots. Though there were some clouds they fully cooperated here as well. As I was out getting shots I was thinking of you doing the same thing. I didn't think my partial eclipse shot was particularly good because your photos have become my standard to which I compare but I did pretty good in comparison.

  6. I think it is fantastic! I am scared to download mine.... they may just be blobs.... So I will come and look at yours ;-)