Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hopscotch Quilts


I’m sharing two more  of Julie’s quilts and these are both made with the Hopscotch pattern.  The first one is a collection of fun fabrics with prints of bacon, steak and eggs!   Never seen this fabric before and it made me smile while working on it.  I decided to use Square Spiral for the panto designs and a medium grey So Fine thread. The batting is Quilters Dream Blend and the backing is a grey Minkie so the quilting shows up nicely.


The second quilt is a winter themed baby quilt made of all flannel fabrics.  I chose Snazzy Snowflake for the panto and even though you can’t really see it on the top it shows up nicely on the Minkie backing.  I used a medium teal So Fine thread on top and grey Bottom Line on the back.    I used Quilters Dream Blend batting again.



  1. Different, and both truly lovely, great contrasts with the fabrics, and the baby quilt will grow as someone gets older, not too babyish, and super colours.

  2. both very different quilts, but both appealing. I like the Snazzy Snowflake pattern, I have the square spiral pattern.

  3. Those quilting designs are so wonderful!!!! Very cute quilts.................

  4. Both lovely quilts. I'm using the Square Spiral on the quilt I'm doing at the moment. Love the look of the SnazzySnowflake.