Friday, May 13, 2016

Summer in the Park…well sort of!


If you follow me on Instagram you have seen all my snow pictures from the last 48 hours.  This are not pictures I took last month but from yesterday and this morning!  While many of you are enjoying your gardens, we are still ‘enjoying’ our spring snowfalls. 

This is Rae’s Summer in the Park quilt and you can find the MSQC YouTube video on how to make it here.  I thought I would be taking pictures of it by the sparkling lake but I actually love how it looks in the snow!  Rae used all batik fabrics for this quilt and I picked Wave on Wave for the pantograph. I used Quilters Dream Blend batting and a light blue So Fine thread.


  I made this when I got home yesterday after a 8 hour drive to take my son to a 10 minute orthodontist appointment!  The joys of living up north!  When life gives you snow you make a snowman!


I had my son hold the quilt before he left for school, poor snowman is already falling over!  Melt snow MELT!!


  1. Such a bright and beautiful quilt, hope the snow goes away soon!

  2. Enough with the snow (and chilly temps!!!!) but that quilt really looks awesome next to that white stuff!!!!

  3. A super quilt, a long drive, a short appointment, and that snowman looks like he is holding out an arm!! I do love your snow backdrop.

  4. I'm actually jealous....Kansas hardly had any winter and I love winter!
    -Manitoba girl

  5. The other day I saw that the fire threat was now stretching all the way from Fort McMurray to Flin Flon, and I immediately worried about you! But with all that snow, I think you should be well protected. Great job and wonderful photos, as always!