Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Modern Grey and White Neutrals Quilt


This is Sandra’s Modern Grey and White Neutrals quilt and there is a tutorial on the Diary of a Quilters blog here.   I actually was Sandra’s personal shopper for this quilt as I picked out the fabrics for her when I was down in Swan River teaching at Fabriculous.   A lot of the fabrics are Zen Chic fabrics from the Modern Background Essentials line but we through in a few other fabrics to give it more variety.  The HST blocks are squared up to  7 1/2” and Sandra made her layout a bit bigger from the tutorial instructions by adding more blocks.


She asked for a swirly panto so I picked Bora Bora. I used white So Fine thread and Quitlers Dream Blend batting.  She made this quilt for a wedding gift for a young couple that has decorated their house in all grey and neutrals so it should fit in beautifully!


Well our weather has changed drastically in the last week from freezing temperature and snow to sunny 27’c today!  Time to get out the kayaks!



  1. A lovely quilt! I'm just using the same fabrics and some more for a wedding quilt/plus-sign-quilt with little hearts. Really good fabrics!
    Greetings, Rike

  2. Beautiful, and no snow for that stunning background.You are way warmer than us, we have 18C at 2 p.m. That is one gorgeous pattern and the fabrics chosen suit so well.

  3. I like your first photo how you have positioned the quilt with your roof overhead, the colours look perfect.