Monday, May 9, 2016

Urban Birthday Quilt

This is Yvonne’s Urban Birthday quilt and the pattern is by Sew Kind of Wonderful.   I really enjoy quilting these quilts as they is always room to play with quilting designs!  I SID around the pod shapes and then did a 3/4” echo around that and filled in with pebbles.   I did a simple flowing feather in the print fabrics and then a feather motif in the center of the backgrounds.    Batting is Quilters Dream Blend and thread is So Fine off white in the background and bright yellow on the print fabrics.

As you can see it is very smokey here today.   I thought it might be high altitude smoke from the Fort McMurray area fires but I have since heard that it is from fires in Cumberland House,SK.   If you have not heard about the huge Fort Mac fire, the city of Fort McMurray Alberta has been evacuated ( over 90,000 people) and many homes and businesses have been lost to the fire.  It is not surprising that the quilting community in Canada has already create a network of places to drop off quilts that will be given the family affected by this disaster.  Here are a few links to these groups.   Quilts for Fort McMurray and Erie Quilt Art.  I have three quilts I am sending their way and know our local guild and quilters will be donated as well.  



  1. Wonderful to see the lake in its Spring glory (lots better than its frozen form.....but that's just me!). Your quilting is always a joy to see and this one is no exception!!! I really must get out that ruler and make one of these (so I can quilt it!!!!!!).

  2. Wow, gorgeous!!
    We get the smoke here too and I can't imagine what its like closer. Beyond devastating for them.

  3. I have made this quilt for my brother, fun pattern. I plan on making another of Sew Kind of Wonderful's designs. I like the quilting you chose and of course your quilt backdrop!