Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Just Call Me Modern Quilt


This is Kerri’s Just Call Me Modern quilt and it is a pattern by Judi Madsen.    We discussed a few quilting options for this quilt and I was very honest about the costs of custom as I think is important to be upfront about the difference before getting a client excited about an idea.    The range can go from $150 for a panto design to $1000 for custom, and even higher if you want the style of quilting Judi did on her sample as that involved a lot of planning, marking and many hours of quilting.  The majority of my clients just want to use or gift their quilts, they are not for show, so really like the panto designs and I enjoy quilting them.  I also find custom takes a toll on my back and shoulders so have been limiting this type of work to one or two a month.  But I do enjoy the challenge of custom once in awhile and just need to learn to pace myself so I don’t end up with knots in my shoulders!


I gave Kerri some panto options and she picked Starlight for the panto.  This was a fantastic choice as it really added a lovely texture but lets the pieced shine!


I used Quilter’s Dream Blend batting and White So Fine thread.



  1. LOVE IT Kathy - can't wait to touch it . Thanks for your honesty and always- gorgeous!

  2. Love seeing it with the panto. I also love Judi Madsen's work. Her quilt designs are made to show off her custom quilting talents. This panto gives this quilt a wonderful texture and really allows the piecing to sing. Well done!

  3. Gorgeous quilt, I love bright colors! Thanks for including the info on custom pricing, I've wondered. Artists must have their time & talent recognized.