Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beginner Quilting Class


The last two Saturdays I have been teaching a beginner quilting class at our local guild.   We advertise this class at our Quilt Show to entice new members to join and see if they would enjoy quilting.  I love helping new quilters fall in love with quilting and hearing them take about the next quilt they want to make even though they haven’t finished the first one!   Those ones have definitely caught the  quilting bug!   I asked the ladies to bring their quilt tops outside for a group picture before we started basting and quilting and it turned out great! It was a bit windy but you know me and how much I love to take outdoor pictures.  I was just so pleased they agreed to do this.  I had 15 students in the class and I taught our Highway 10 Designs pattern Quarter Sections which worked out great.  Most made the baby size but a few wanted to make the lap size.


Its fun to see the variety of fabrics they chose as they all turned out so different.


By the time the class was over most had the center quilted and were decided on how to quilt their borders.    They got a lesson on binding and I hope to see them completed and at our guilds Show and Tell in the future. 


Great job ladies!


  1. That is so awesome!!! Look at those amazing new quilters!!

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