Friday, September 16, 2016

Green Tea Fusion Quilt


This is Jean’s Green Tea Fusion quilt and it was a pattern found in a 2007 issue of Fabric Trends.  She asked for light custom quilting and I knew right away I wanted to do the Curved Echo on the outer border as the quilting would be seen on it and it suits the theme of the quilt.  You can find my tutorial on how to do this design here.


Since this quilt has an Asian theme I wanted to use simple textures on the quilt as the fabrics are the star!  I was going to do a swirl on the appliqued circles but found that too dense so replaced it with this design that I call Uniaxial…(yes a geology reference, won’t bore you with the details.)  A stipple in the background of the circles, a water meander on the large blocks and wavy lines on the strip pieced blocks.   Swirls in the inner border and  l’s and e’s in the middle border. I used a shiny beige thread called Magnifico for the center and inner border of the quilt, black So Fine on the middle border so the quilting would not compete with the fabric pattern, and red So Fine in the outer border. I matched the colour of my top thread to my bobbin thread.


It was a cool morning, only 5’c.


I was out taking pictures of the moon the other night, not quite full then, and testing my new remote shutter release.  Reduces camera shake and will work great the next time the aurora is active.  I also have a new wide angle lens to test on the aurora as well,  I should get sharper images and more sky.  I fear my new obsession for camera equipment is just as bad as my fabric obsession!



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    1. Not sure why the comment was removed but I too love this quilt and admire the talent that Kathy has to put just the perfect quilting on each and every quilt she does!

    2. I didn't remove it, probably just a glitch. Glad you commented again!

  2. I love this quilt and I especially like the border quilting that you did!!

  3. That is quite cool, well we would call it downright cold. Love that quilting, and what a setting.

  4. Your curved echo was perfect for this border. Will definitely have to try it one day.

  5. I love the design you quilted in the border!

  6. Your quilting on this quilt is so pretty. I love how everything is so appropriate for each section, and the colors are perfect. I can't wait to see the pictures you get of the next Aurora with your new "toy"! The pictures you have shared so far are awesome, so the new ones will most likely be spectacular! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I absolutely love your quilting. I wish we lived closer so that you could do my True Lover's Knot quilt. I just paid to have someone do it, but I'm not sure how it's going to turn out. Not sure this person has a lot of experience.

  8. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous ♥