Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back to Work


I am now back to work and spent the long weekend quilting while my husband and oldest son were off to Toronto to watch a few car races and check out a racing/mechanics school he wants to attend.  I heard the owner, who is a professional driver, took him for a few laps around the track in the pace car!     My youngest stayed home with me and starts Grade 12 tomorrow, where did the years go?  Well enough of me feeling old, time to focus on quilting!    I finished two quilts for Joanne and they are both our Highway 10 Designs Quarter Section patterns.  She was using fabrics from her stash and the first one was done in mainly yellows.  A lot of the fabrics were floral prints so I used Belladonna for the panto as it has tulips as the design.  Quilters Dream Blend batting and yellow So Fine thread on top and yellow Bottom Line on the back.


The second one was queen size and done in red and black fabrics.  I used Fascination for the pantograph design, Quilters Dream Blend and red So Fine for the top and red Bottom Line on the back.


You can see the leaves on the island in the distance are starting to turn yellow. This happens very fast here and I’m sure by my next post you’ll see a big changes in the landscape colours.



  1. Both these quilts are beautiful. I especially love the red one.

    1. Oh my goodness! Too funny that I see you here today because I'm pretty sure that I bookmarked your blog yesterday because of your broken dishes QAL. No???

  2. I was oh-ing and aw-ing when I saw the yellow quilt, then when I saw the red one, I OH-ED and AE-ED! They are beautiful, but the red one is just gorgeous!

  3. Fabulous way to use up stash fabrics!

  4. Lovely blocks of red in the golden one, and the red blocks, superb, and against your water backdrop, what a grand setting.

  5. They are beautiful. Your lucky son - I bet that was a cool experience riding in the pace car!!!