Saturday, May 6, 2017

Quarter Section in Cotton and Steel


This is Reneta’s Quarter Sections baby quilt made in Flower Shop fabrics by Cotton and Steel.  I love how Reneta changed the layout of the blocks and put then length-wise across the rows. It is always fun to see how other interpret and create variations of our Highway 10 Design patterns.


I chose the pantograph Garden Frills, used light orange So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.



  1. Garden Frills is my favorite panto really makes this quilt shine!! As does the pattern...I haven't been that into C&S print, but after seeing this quilt, I'm going to give them another look! Beautiful....good job!

  2. Lovely soft colours together, not a drop of snow in sight, and next winter's firewood all stacked up, a good start. How come I see all that, when the quilt is the main subject?

  3. Those are great complimentary fabric choices and the Garden Frills is so inviting. Your quilt is lovely!